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What We Do

Located in mainland China, Wiseline provide 5 key services you need to sell cross border to Chinese online consumers (B2C)


1. Translation and localization of your site to China market

2. Customer service in Chinese during shopping hours

3. Cross border payment service

4. Online marketing tools in China

5. Online Shop management on Chinese Ecom Platform(s)


Our solution builds on the strength of our longstanding experience in the Chinese market, the Brands and market position of our truly great Chinese partners


  • ChinaUnionpay, Alipay, Wechat Payment
  • Baidu, Weibo, Wechat
  • JD, Amazon and Tmall
  • International and local fulfillment firms

make it seamless!


4 main steps


1. Product OK to sell in China

2. Local Payments people use

3. Trust and traffic generation

4. Fulfilment and returns


Your end to end solution is important to us, because with our eCommerce pricing model, with low fixed rates and most as variable commissions on actual sales, there will be no earnings if you don't sell successfully.

Simple and clear.



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(outside China)


There are great opportunities in China for Small Medium sized Enterprises, eRetailers and Brands in varius industries such as Home decoration, Childrens wear, Luxury goods and services such as Travel, Tickets and Games. We think Right Now is a good time to increase your China sales.


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(helping Merchants)


As a reseller you can provide one or several of our services to your clients without having to operate them yourself. You use your own brand.

This works well for PSPs, Trade organisations, Industry consultants, ISPs, Chambers of Commerce and System Integrators.


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